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People love traveling, and they want to find more ways to do it. It’s not about being the biggest tour or travel company out there, it’s about the ability to be found by the right customers and build trust as a brand.

Engage with customers on social media

Travelers of all age groups are using social media networks, where they talk about travel products, share experiences, or express their preferences. Use images, videos, questions or statuses to spark conversation and motivate potential clients to follow you. Listening to their comments and receiving feedback helps you create better-tailored trips and packages.

Try online booking software

The Internet has changed every aspect of modern life, and it has also affected how travelers book trips and how agencies can sell packages.Via an online booking system, your customers can book 24/7 because the system receives and processes the reservations automatically. Providing your customers with a completely easy and safe way for both book travel arrangements online is a great policy for growing your revenue.

Upsell products – provide an experience

Suggesting additional products on top of a standard package is the most straightforward method of increasing your revenue per customer. For example, if your customer is going on a city tour of Madrid, offer lunch and dinner options to go along with it. On the other hand, an observatory tour operator who offers private telescope viewing sessions might offer a glass of wine and tapas prior to the viewing to make the experience more romantic for a couple who booked it.

Package travel components into unique travel products

Combine different products into a unique travel experience. Create a package and try to offer a better price by selling hotel, flight, and an activity together. This way, your customers get a fuller travel experience, and you have the opportunity to sell more services and travel items than if you were selling them individually.

Extend your B2B network

It is no big news that your business relationship with partners is very important. Business partners help you reach new markets, acquire new customers, get new ideas for further product development and more.But remember that making a new B2B partner is just the tip of the iceberg, and keeping one is what requires hard and honest work.


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